Thursday, December 29, 2016

2016 Book List

There was a common theme this year, lets see if you can see it:

1. Going Postal -Terry Pratchett
2. The Color of Magic -Terry Pratchett
3. Guards! Guards! -Terry Pratchett
4. The Light Fantastic -Terry Pratchett
5. Small Gods -Terry Pratchett
6. Mort -Terry Pratchett
7. Men at Arms -Terry Pratchett
8. Equal Rights -Terry Pratchett
9. Sourcery -Terry Pratchett
10. Making Money -Terry Pratchett
11. Reaper Man -Terry Pratchett
12. Eric -Terry Pratchett
13. Pyramids -Terry Pratchett
14. Feet of Clay -Terry Pratchett
15. Interesting Times -Terry Pratchett
16. Wyrd Sisters -Terry Pratchett
17. Jingo -Terry Pratchett
18. Soul Music -Terry Pratchett
19. The Fifth Elephant -Terry Pratchett
20. The Last Continent -Terry Pratchett
21. Hogfather -Terry Pratchett
22. Night Watch -Terry Pratchett
23. The Last Hero -Terry Pratchett
24. Thud! -Terry Pratchett
25. Snuff -Terry Pratchett
26. Witches Abroad -Terry Pratchett
27. Unseen Academicals -Terry Pratchett
28. Raising Steam -Terry Pratchett
Other Books:
29. Old Man's War -John Scalzi
30. Quiet -Susan Cain
31. Endurance -Alfred Lansing
32. Off to Be the Wizard -Scott Meyer
33. Spell or High Water -Scott Meyer
34. An Unwelcome Quest -Scott Meyer
35. Red Shirts -John Scalzi
36. SPQR -Mary Beard
37. Armada -Ernest Cline

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